December 21, 2021


Hello everyone! We are excited to present part 2 of our early FJ40 tool kit series. First a big thank you again to the individual who shared these great photos and super helpful information with us.

So in the last post we went over the general kit, the canvas wrap and the item lists. Now lets get into the individual tools found in the early 40 tool kits. The rough years covered by this post are 64-66. Tools that vary slightly between the earlier and later kits for 1965-66 include: pliers, adjustable wrench, engine adjust kit. First, there is the hammer! It's first on the list so it's clearly the most important tool in the kit. The hammer is an OH hammer, with the large OH logo. This is the first Toyota kit to include the OH hammer. Earlier kits used Maruki hammers:

These large OH logo hammers appear to have been painted. Later OH hammers have a smaller logo and were not painted.

Next are the screwdrivers, which are marked "Toyota Motor Made In Japan". Earlier screwdrivers (pre 64/65) were marked just "Toyota Motor". Later screwdrivers (post 66) were marked "Toyota Motor Japan".

Next are the pliers. The earlier kit pliers have curved handles. The later pliers have recurved handles, meaning they curve and then curve the other way just at the ends. Take a look at the tool kit photos in the previous post for clarification. Both pliers have the TEQ stamp on the front and the KTC M.PAT mark on the back.

Now onto the adjustable wrench. Both the earlier and later kits have the 250mm adjustable wrench, marked Toyota TEQ Motor on the front, and “Made in Japan” on the back. The earlier kit wrench also has an oval pad after Toyota TEQ Motor, while the later kit wrench does not.

Next is the engine adjustment kit. The earlier kit includes a points file, a 09855-00021 ignition wrench, and a green pouch with 5 pockets. The later kit omits the points file, has a 09855-10010 ignition wrench and the green pouch has 4 pockets. Both pouches are marked “TEQ Made in Japan”, and have the same spark plug gap tool and the same feeler gauge set, which is a 5-leaf: 006, 008, 010, 014, 018 marked in decimal and (metric), and the same voltage tester.  

Earlier engine adjust kit

Later engine adjust kit

Next up is the wrench set.  Six wrenches, recessed handles, marked Toyota TEQ Motor, 8x9, 10x12, 12x14, 14x17, 17x19, 21x23.

These wrenches were held with a wrench clip. The rare 6 wrench, blue, TEQ clip. There is also a 5-wrench, TEQ clip that is slightly smaller. They are difficult to distinguish using photos. KTC still makes a 6-wrench clip thankfully and comes painted black (we have some for sale!).

Lug Wrench, which was a 1-piece 21mm lug wrench, marked TOYOTA MOTOR on one side and MADE IN JAPAN on the other. This one has the short, polished head, which was used in older tool kits. There is a very similar larger head version used with the medium canvas/vinyl tool rolls (later kits). The one at the bottom is used in the 65-66 kit:

Other side, at the bottom and left-most.

Well that is it for now until we wrap it up with part 3 next week! Next up are grease guns, lamps, jacks, manuals and more! Fun stuff indeed. I love these early tools. The extensiveness of the kits is drool worthy for sure. We hope this has been informative so far and helps an early 40series owner on the hunt. Cheers all!

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