December 20, 2022

Cruiser Cult Interview Series Episode 14! Cruiser World

Hey everyone! I am super excited to finally get this interview out that I conducted with Maarten at Cruiser World ( at his shop in the Netherlands back on Oct. 19th, 2022.
Its a first of its kind as we have never done an in person interview! Enjoy and take a look at the photos below that go along with the talk to get a peek at some incredible objects Maarten sells from his shop.
Outside the shop was a cool mix of vehicles!
The awesome display that greets you when you walk in... plus NOS 40 fenders!
Display of cool parts and memorabilia.
Inside in back of the shop Maarten is working on an insanely cool HJ61. He has painstakingly pieced it together from different cruisers to build his ultimate 60 series. Its going to be incredible when its finished.
Full RHD to LHD dash swap!
The cable locker levers!! Drool.
Some of the incredible NOS and OEM goodies in his shop! It's stacked with both used and new parts of all kinds. Take a look. The story on how he came into these parts are in the interview.
Allan Gray watching over the parts.
Uber rare and cool 60 series rear cargo liner!!!
OEM sliders waiting for a new home.
More NOS sheet metal and front skid plates.
NOS door!
New mud guards for HJ61s with the fender flares.
Maarten telling me about his reproduction rear bumpers for the HJ60 and HJ61.
Cruiser World also offers alternator/vacuum pump rebuild services.
Cruiser World reproduction 40 vacuum tanks.
Need wing windows for your 6x series? Cruiser World has your parts for a full swap!
FJ55 hoods!
NOS Toyota 4x fenders!!!
Steel repair parts for your 4x series Land Cruiser.

That rounds out my shop tour photos. I should have taken more but I was so in awe of all the cool stuff I wasn't thinking about the photos. hahaha. Cruiser World is a great place. If you are in the Netherlands I highly recommend you swing by and check it out. And no matter where you are in the world, if you need parts for your Land Cruiser, especially the 60 series, give Maarten an email/ring!

Thank you all for listening and checking out the photos. And a massive thank you to Maarten for hosting me and sharing his stories and history. It was such a blast and I wish I could have stayed much longer and picked his brain. Hopefully more next time! Cheers all!
Maarten traveling the back backroads of Europe.

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