December 14, 2021


Hey everyone, we are very excited to launch this series on tool kits. For our first installment we are focusing on early FJ40 tool kits. FJ40 tool kits are often the most extensive of all the cruiser series, and this especially true for the early models. Due to the complexity and age of these tool kits now, they are often not complete or incorrectly pieced back together. Knowing all the important details on these early kits is important for the owner of a cruiser if they want to correctly piece together a kit, or a buyer of an early FJ40 that wants to verify the tool kit is actually complete. Why would you want to verify the tool kit is complete or correct? Because their value has skyrocketed in recent years and having to hunt down all the parts can be costly and time consuming. I am personally going down this road for my 1965 FJ40.

Let’s start with dates indicated in this post, all these dates are approximate. They are based on researching kits and pictures of kits and trying to make some sense out of it.  The parts catalogs are useful up to a point. They typically don't include the detail markings on the tools and the images are not always accurate or kept up to date. And with all things Toyota, they used up the on-hand tools before incorporating newer items, so there is always some transition and overlap between the types of kits. Clear as mud? :)

Canvas Roll

There are basically 2 styles of the large canvas tool roll.  The earliest dates up to August 1963 and is designed to hold the 2-piece, 23mm lug wrench. After August 1963 they changed to the 1-piece, 21mm lug wrench and modified loops #3 on the canvas.

Example of what a Toyota two-piece lug wrench looks like (this is a later example but looks identical)- Photo credit City Racer LLC

Early canvas - loops #3 and #4 are not aligned.  The #3 loop is wide and the top/bottom loops are close together to properly hold the 2-piece lug wrench.

Later canvas - loops #3 and #4 are aligned.  Loop #3 is narrower, and the top/bottom loops are farther apart to better support the longer, 1-piece lug wrench.

Canvas condition can vary considerably. Small holes are common and not a big issue. Torn seams can be fixed. Large holes and other damage is less desirable. The strap occasionally breaks, and the shorter strap is not long enough to secure the tool roll closed. The strap should be around 560mm long or longer and the free end is folded over and sewn as in the photo.  A big issue with these canvas rolls is dry rot. The material appears to be sound but dry rotted canvas will tear easily so be careful.

Content List

There is a plastic window on the tool canvas that holds the Content list. This is the list of tools that goes with the kit, in order by location, identified by the loop/pocket number. The Content list for the 65-66 'made in japan' tool kit looks like this. Note the 'CONTENTS' heading, Q'ty column abbreviation and the 2-line entries for the screw drivers and grease pump chuck.

These are unique to this particular list.

The later list looks like this, for the 67-69 kit.  The information specified is correct for the 65-66 kit as well.

The Toyota tool kits fall into some distinct types, the grease gun we had previously posted on Instagram is in the 65-66 type. Some call this tool kit the 'made in Japan' kit since many of the tools include that designation. It includes some very recognizable pieces and there is some variation in these kits, of course.

Earlier version of the 65-66 tools:

Earlier 65-66 tools, back:

Here's an example of a later 1965-66 kit, front:


We will leave it at that for now and for the next installment get into the individual tools and their variants between the early FJ40 kits.  

We would like to thank a friend in the cruiser community (they wish to remain anonymous) who helped with this great information and photos. As we have said before, this is great community and when we all come together to help one another, it makes it all even that much better. Cheers all!

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