October 31, 2021


Originally posted 3/3/2021: A brief history of the Toyota logos over time for this Wednesday. 📸-1 and 2 These were the earliest trademarked branding and date to about 1935. This is before the Toyota automobile division spun off from the loom works. The second pic features a very cool emblem used in early AA and AB automobiles and is stylized in Chinese characters. 📸- 3 and 4 In 1936 the automobile division held a public design competition for a new logo. The now famous logo and the switch to Toyota from Toyoda was chosen because it required fewer strokes to make (8 which is also a lucky number), it was more “pleasant to the ear” and it signified a real departure and growth from the family Toyoda loom works. This logo persists to this day... thankfully. 📸-5 in 1989 introduced a new logo and branding. The oval logo actually has some deeper meaning. The inner horizontal and vertical ellipses are the customer’s expectations and Toyota’s ideal, both firmly jointed. The outer oval represents global reach and growth. If you are clever you can spell out Toyota within the ovals as well. This logo persists to this day as its main branding. 👍 From now on Wednesdays will serve as our “general history” days. 😁 Info was sourced from Toyota Global. What is your favorite one?🤔

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