Land Cruiser Ads and Brochures From Across The Globe!

Beginnings through the 1950s.
The amazing but brief life of the "BJ Jeep", 20 and 30 series Land Cruiser.

Early 1960s to 1970.
The 40 series enters the world stage and elevates the bar for a 4x4 forever.

Continued evolution of the 40 series and the genesis of the 55 series.

The end of the 40 series, the 60 series is only with us briefly but leaves a lasting mark, and the 70 series rises as the torch bearer of the true Land Cruiser utilitarian heritage.

The age of the 80 series and the dawn of the 100 series.

The 100 series comes to an end, the 200 takes its place until the 300 series. The 70 series endures the world over to carry the Land Cruiser badge in the truest form.

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